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May 17, 2008


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J Kiem

After the first day of the convention, I came looking for a Chase/Clinton connection on Google and came across David's column....(I too am ~600 pages into Team of Rivals-ya gotta read it!) David's analysis is MORE TRUE NOW than it was back when it was written. I voted for Bill every time he appeared on the ballot and I voted for Hil in the Illinois primary, and sent her a small donation. I stuck with them through Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell, Whitewater, Montica, and her petulant refusal to read the tea leaves earlier this year, which cranked her campaign debt long after the outcome was in doubt. All of this will be OK if she runs again. But if she plays Chase (or worse, Nader) and puts McCain in the White House, she had better not count on my vote ever again. It's time for her and her followers to get behind Obama.

Infomercial production companies

I think the details has a little misconception.

Daniel Ferris

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